FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Kits For Teams | FIFA WC 2014 All Teams Kits

Uruguay 2014 World Cup Kits

Adidas World Cup Kits estimated launched dates: Late Fall 2013

Nike World Cup Kits Estimated launched dates: Spring 2014

The Kits of World Cup 2014 for qualify teams has been leaked out on different sites even that there picture and kits are available on various shops. Adidas has leaked the home and away kits officially for the many qualify teams for FIFA World Cup 2014. While Nike sponsor has launched a sole kit for their timetable. Here we showed the possible picture of qualify teams that would be take place in FIFA World Cup 2014 and they will wear these kits on this event.

Argentina World Cup Kit

Argentina World Cup Kit 2014

 Brazil World Cup Kit

Brazil World Cup Kits

 Cameroon Kits for World Cup

Cameroon Shirts

 Chile World Cup Kits

chile world cup 2014 kits

 Colombia World Cup Kits

Colombia World Cup Kits

Germany World Cup Kits

Germany 2014 World Cup Kits

France World Cup Kits

France 2014 World Cup Home Kit Nike Official

Ghana World Cup Kits

Ghana 2014 World Cup Kits

Italy World Cup Kits

Italy 2014 Away Kit in World Cup

Ivory Coast World Kits

IVory Coast Kits 2014 World Cup

Japan World Cup Kits

Japan World CUp Kits

Mexico World Cup Kits

Mexico Official 2014 World Cup Kit

Holland World Cup Kits

holland 2014 World Cup Kits

Russia World Cup Kits

Russia World Cup kit

Spain World Cup Kits

Spain World Cup Kit

Switzerland World Cup Kits

Switzerland kit

Uruguay World Cup Kits

Uruguay 2014 World Cup Kits

European Teams World Cup Kit Information:

European Teams who have confirmed to play in FIFA World Cup 2014 so they have contract with supplier for kits. Different suppliers contract with different teams and dates of released are available in below.

Teams Suppliers Released Date
Belgium Adidas Nov-13
England kit Nike Feb-14
France Nike Spring 2014
Germany Adidas Fall 2013
Netherland Nike
Spain Adidas Nov 13 – Feb 14
Switzerland Puma Jan-14
Portugal Nike
Italy Puma
Sweden Adidas Dec-13
Russia Adidas
Bosnia & Herg

Central/North America World Cup Teams Kits:

Teams Suppliers Release Date
United States Nike Spring 2014
Mexico Adidas Nov-13
Costa Rica

South America World Cup Teams Kits:

Teams Suppliers Released Date
Brazil Nike Spring 2014
Argentina Adidas Nov-13
Uruguay Puma Nov-13
Colombia Adidas Nov-13
Chile Puma Nov-13

African World Cup Teams Kits:

Teams  Suppliers Release Date
Ivory Coast Puma Jan-14
Cameroon Puma Jan-14
Ghana Puma Jan-14
Nigeria Nike

 Asia World Cup Teams Kits:

Teams Suppliers Released Date
Australia Nike Jan-14
Japan Adidas Nov-13
South Korea Nike Jan-14
Iran DLH Sport Jan-14

FIFA World Cup would be held next year in June, 2014. While the complete list of 32 teams qualified for the FIFA World Cup would be presented in November last week. All teams’ qualified official kit has leaked by Nike and Adidas suppliers. Mostly it is expected that the team’s kits would be released in February or March 2014.

The teams who have confirmed and qualified in the FIFA World Cup their kits will release in November and December month. Well we estimated that all 32 teams kits to be leaked before March 2013. Four Asian and Brazil teams have already qualified for the FIFA World Cup and we have already showed their pictures in this page.

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