Men’s Hockey World Cup 2014 Schedule Fixtures Time Table

Men's Hockey World Cup 2014

Hocky World Cup will be started from 31st May to 15th 2014 June and it will play in Holland and it is the biggest sporting season for the Hockey event. In this world cup 12 teams will be participated to play hockey match with each other. This event started from Pakistan since 1973, when the Pakistan won Hockey World Cup and almost they won 4 times this event. Now, Hockey World Cup 2014 will be hosted by Holland for 3rd time. During the FIH Congress and Forum in Montreux, Switzerland they was announced on 11 November, 2011 its hosting will in Holland. Before this, holland hosted first time in 1973 then next time in 1988. This event will be played at Kyocera Stadion in Holand. This event selected by FIH after bidding process where Londan and Hague had invloved. In this event more than 300 star hockey player togather on Holland place and also in this Hockey World Cup 76 top level matches will be played as a tournment. The host will create by music, culture and sports events.
Hockey World Cup 2014 Men’s Participation In Hockey World Cup 2014 competition there will be 12 teams played with each other. That are consider in the nations host 5 regional Champions and 6 top placed sides from World Hockey League that will be played onward 31st may to 15th June.

Following 10 teams haveĀ  qualified for the Hockey World Cup 2014.
Holland, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, England, Malaysia, Argentina, Germany, South Korea.
Remaining Teams that will not qualify.
Pakistan has left out to play in the Hockey World Cup 2014. This will be first time when Pakistan will not play in this Hockey World CUp 2014. On the other hand team will be from Africa Nation Cup winner is not play in this World Cup.

The Hockey World Cup 2014 Schedule will be announced coming soon. When the Schedule will announce then we will tell you confirm this event.

Schedule Update as Soon as Possible…

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